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Robin Nelson, the golf course architect, says "our aim at Macquarie Links was to create a links style golf course with an Australian character - hence the name".

The course is very much a combination of links style golf with a heathland or "bush" character. Native grasslands, stands of mature gum trees and unique "outback" site furniture provide strong Australian character. Existing and manmade creeks, lakes and subtle topographic formations all combines to create natural golf holes that ebb and flow with the natural lie of the land.

Hole 1 - OUT

A generous wide fairway to get the round off to a gentle start.  A strategic decision must be made as to where to place the second shot with cross bunkers in play and a narrow landing area.  A small green with a number of tiers will making getting your approach shot close very difficult.  Be mindful of water which runs down the left side of the hole and very close to the green!

Hole 2 - ROAD

A solid drive is required as native bush is strategically placed either side of the fairway.  Water guards the front right of narrow guttered green.  Confidence and nerve are required to get your approach shot close and avoid being wet.


A much narrower fairway then holes 1 and 2 with water running down the right hand side and bunkers left.  The fairway slopes left to right which will mean a difficult stance for your approach shot to a very small and undulating green.  A fairway wood is a good option off the tee to the largest part of the fairway.

Hole 4 - OLD TREE

A short uphill par 4 will look like a definite scoring hole from the tee.  Water runs the length of the hole on the right side of the fairway and catches many who try to drive too far up the fairway. The green is small and cut in two by a large ridge, make sure you are on the correct side or three putt your way to a bogey!


The first of the par 3's will tee your accuracy with a long iron.  Water will catch anything right of the green abd left is a tough up and down.  Land the ball short to run up the green like a good classic links shot.

Hole 6 - VALLEY

A good, short par 4 with a number of elements to cause concern. Bunkers left of the fairway and water running down the right side of the hole will catch anything stray.  The fairway slopes left to right meaning an uneven stance to an approach shot to a large green.  Careful club selection is needed or a three putt will result.


A moderate length par 5 is by no means an easy hole.  Deep bunkers guard the left side of the fairway which will halt any charge at scoring on this hole.  A well bunker green demands an exacting approach shot, with a large run off area right of the green.  OOB is only just off the back of the green so be confident in your club selection.

Hole 8 - SHORT

An elegant par 3 which requires good club selection. Pay particular attention to avoiding the large bunker short of the green.  Do not miss the green left, as a large fall off will make par impossible!

Hole 9 - IN

A strong back 4 back to the house requiring a very accurate tee shot to avoid bunkers on both side of the fairway.  The green is surrounded by water and will catch anything stray.  The approach is made more difficult by being played off a downhill lie.  Good luck!!

Hole 10 - OUT AGAIN

A gentle par 4 to ease back into the round with bunkers on the left needing to be avoided off the tee.  Dont go long with your approach shot as the green slopes back to front.  Bunkers on the right side of the green are deep and should also be avoided.    


The signature hole of the course and your most intimidating shot so far.  A mid to long iron need to be struck solidly over the ravine to a narrow green.  Any mishit shots will be lost to the 'billabong.' A truly spectacular hole that will have your nerves racing.


A great par 5, fraught with danger.  OOB left and hazard right down the length of this hole which has the narrowest fairway on the course.  Look to position your tee shot the fattest part of the fairway about 230m from the tee.  The safe option is to lay up your second shot about 100 out from the green.  Those with courage that want to take the hole on will be duly rewarded for straight shots and punished harshly for anything even slightly off line.

Hole 13 - BUNBURY

Off the back of a narrow, tight hole a short par 4 which will let you open the shoulders and hit the ball hard off the tee.  Bunkers on the corner of the dogleg will make you aim towards the OOB left, however a solid drive will leave only a pitch to the green. Take advantage of this hole because it gets tough from here in.

Hole 14 - LAKE

A strategic hole set around a huge lake with the shortest line to the hole cutting off the most water.  If you bail right bunkers and scrub await.  A fairway wood is the best option and a middle iron to a small green.

Hole 15 - SHEEP DIP

The toughest hole on the course requiring length and accuracy.  Either a long iron or wood needed for water carry which runs the length of the hole and around the back of the green.  Big bail out right if you are happy with a 4, which sometimes is a good score.

Hole 16 - SWING EASY

A long, straight par 4 with strong fairway bunkering to catch drives off line.  A large deep bunker protects the front right of a green which slopes strongly from back to front.

Hole 17 - RAILWAY

A great par 5 with two large gums featuring heavily into decision making from the tee.  Laying up is not easy for the second shot as a hazard runs across the fairway at an ideal lay up distance.  Uphill to the green, large bunkers ensure a challenging finish to the hole.

Hole 18 - HOME

There is no let up with a strong finishing hole requiring your straightest drive of the day.  Your approach shot will be downhill to a green protected to the right by by bunkers and water.  Making par on this hole will leave confident feelings for your return to Macquarie Links.

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