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Golf Tips - Hit the ball on the up

September 13 2013   

Golf Tips - Hit the ball on the up

To get the ball in the hole, it needs to be rolling end over end. This will see you to more lip ins, rather than lip outs.

How can you practice this?

Grab your sand wedge or lob wedge and putt with it on the putting green.

The key is to “blade” the putt with your wedges to ensure the ball rolls end over end. This eliminates the over use of your wrists and is a step towards creating a fluent pendulum motion.

What drill should you do?

Get 3 balls, a wedge and your putter.

Blade the first two balls with your wedge and then the third with your putter.

Repeat this drill for about 15 minutes and work on different lengths of putt during that time.

The key concept of practicing this drill is to the way your right arm moves to ensure you hit the ball on the up and achieve a pure roll on your golf ball.

Try it and let me know how you go.

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